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WOW....I'm impressed with your music and your history. I had no idea Iuka was blessed with such talented folks as yourselves. See ya at the Subway! Roger and Judy Foster
Eddie and Frank - I know that you do not know Lee and I because honestly, we got to know your parents, when my parents opened up the store in 1975. Your mother was very nice to me, after Lee and I came into the store and brought it. That why when ever I see you all at a restaurant, I want to say hi to her. She look great last night, but she had a lot of people around her, so I Eddie outside I made sure to tell Betty that Lee and Kathy from Cappleman's that we said hi. The show was Great last night and growing up in Memphis, TN. it was like waking a short story play. Thanks for putting on it.
You guys are still awesome!! Wish you lived closer so I could attend a concert. Love to you both, Neal
I am having fun enjoying aspects of your website. heard about you today at the radio station, wowl/wadi when I have come from PA to work. Would be nice to meet one day and talk. I have made a career in public radio and like the idea of making community with radio in this unique area. I play hammer dulcimer (25 years) and love all kinds of American music from the beginning of recordings to the present.
We are trying to arrange schedules and other things so we can make the 300 mile trip to Iuka again for the concert. I ty to visit there at 2 or 3 times a year. When I was young, I spent as much time as possible there at the "Old Place" where my Father was raised, It was located berween Paden and Holcutt. It is gone now due to the constuction of the Tenn-Tom. My favorite Cousin, {like a sister} Judy Ryan lives in town just south of Main Street. Bud Claunch Madisonville, TN
Just listened to your Paul Jones radio music and comments. Very well done! You two are very talented and people in England will know about Iuka, MS because of you. Keep up the good work!
I want to share your site on my Pinterest board "All Things Mississippi." Do you know how to do that. I noticed Pinterest was not listed under the Share button on this page. Thanks
We truly enjoyed the concert Saturday night at the small church in Iuka. The trip was well worth it. We will back back for the next one too. I remember eating Slug-burgers at Miss Ellie's back in the late 40's and early 50's and going to the Sat. movies on Main Street and going to Ledbetter's to buy catfish for a Sat. night fishfry. A much more relaxed pace back then though.
This was the best of the best. I went home with chill bumps from all the wonderful music. Please make a love song CD with the wonderful love songs you sang at the last concert. AWESOME doesnt come close to describing the sound
I just heard, and saw, your four 2-minute concerts. Why not make it four 2-day concerts!!!!Man did I ever more enjoy them. Your friend (and tennis court mop)
as introduction I am the person that talked with you ande your mother at Norma's about her old friend, my uncle Alfred Willims. I also was at the library and won one of the shirts. I would like to visit with y'all and introduce you to an old classmate of mine from Florence. He is Edsel Holder a musician, singer and performer who has been active for several years. This box is running out space so I will have to tell you more about him in person. I am sending him "Maggie's House and I am sure he will be as taken by it as I am. I could not find your number in the book but I will try to reach you some other way. Thanks for the memories. If you should read this and I have not contacted you yet please send me an e-mail with your tel. no. or call me at 279-3315.Ed Cutshall
Ya'll knocked it out of the ball park AGAIN, Monday. I was totally awed!!!
Got to come by the Library today. Great show! Congratulations to two very talented guys! Bought a cd and hope to catch both of you someday and get you to sign for me. Thanks for the memories!
Yea, a new Cd. Hope to see you Monday. Mary Ann
Hi Mr. and, well, Mr. Thomas ( I suppose that I could have said Mr. Frank and Mr. Eddie...but...)! I am very excited about the new CD and I can't wait to see you perform on Monday! Anyway, thank you both again for all that you both do, especially in regard to helping me grow musically. Yours Sam B.
Love all that you two do, looking forward to Monday. Give your Mom, mine and Bobby's love always. P.S. Love the website!!!
I'm SO happy and excited about the new CD. Can't wait to hear it all! Just watched the video for "Did You Know" and was incredibly touched -- made me a little teary-eyed. Wishing you great success with the new CD. (Make a Facebook fan page!)
Wish I could be there. I can't wait to hear the soundtracks. Good Luck Guys, Bettie
Hi Frank and Eddie, Wish we could be at the party on 4/11. Best, Hines
Wow! I'm so impressed with the website and, of course, the new CD! I've listened to the clips, and y'all have outdone yourself again! I think my favorite is "Drive This Train"; perhaps it's my favorite since we have the soundtrack of a train almost every hour just a few blocks away! Such tremendous talent, and I'm excited to see what else y'all have next.
I want to live in Maggie's house.
Congrats on the new CD...looking forward to seeing/hearing you at the Maggie's House release party on April 11, Iuka Library.
Awesome website cant wait to get a copy hope i can come to the release its during spring break so i plan on it unless we are out of town!!
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