1. A Betterday

From the recording Pennyland

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A Betterday 4:12
© 2010 James E. Thomas, Jr.
Misty Owl Music (ASCAP)

Hey, little boy with the big dark eyes,
Put your head on the ground,
Dream 'bout a better day.

Take your sister by the hand,
Follow that truck through the desert land.
Sand flying, miles and miles,
Follow that truck the best you can.
Put your head on the ground,
Dream 'bout a better day.

A Betterday is a new town on down the road.
Can you tell this boy,
How far to A Betterday?

He's got no water got no food,
Both he and his sister too.
Too long they are,
Too far from home,
And the only place
They have to go to sleep
Is on this dusty road.

Cannot watch the flowers grow,
There is no time you know.
Desperation is the key.
Desert flowers are so small,
Roots run deep, but pedals fall.
Desperation is the key,
For finding where you want to be.

Desert moon, fades away,
Into the blue morning.
Night is gone,
Dawn of a new day
A city stands at sunrise…
Silhouette on an orange sky.
Horizon filled with buildings tall.
Somewhere ‘cross the desert sand
A barefoot boy takes sister's hand,
And dreams about A Betterday.