How did we get here?

Making my way back through how this all came about, the Mississippi River Blues video clip has a special place in my not-so-well remembered memories. 

In the fall of 2005, we took Angels on the Backroads for the second of three tours to England, Scotland and Wales. The first tour, earlier that year, had focused on presenting an expanded version of the one-man, multimedia show Eddie had performed for high schools in the Mississippi Delta during the previous fall and winter. To change our show up a bit, we added some songs and tunes that did not have accompanying videos to project on the screen. We bought a small video camera that allowed us to feature pictures of Eddie's live performance on the screen for these added songs. 

The camera served a couple of other functions on our tour as well. It allowed us to be tourists and film our travels throughout the UK.  I was also able to record some of Eddie's performances while we projected them during the show. This video of Mississippi River Blues was one of those performances recorded on Nov 8, 2005 at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley, England south of London. Take a Look!


This, the last performance of that tour, was the last clip I recorded before we caught our flight home from Gatwick Airport the next morning. When we got home, we played some of our "tourist" videos for our Mom and some friends we had over later that month to celebrate her 89th birthday. As this clip came on the TV, the birthday chitter chatter slowly gave way and we all watched in silence. 

Based on the success of this clip at our Mom's birthday party, during the days ahead, we began planning what our next UK tour in the fall of 2006 would entail. Those plans included documenting the entire Angels on the Backroads show, both the UK performances and those already scheduled throughout Mississippi and The Delta. We will talk more about those tapings later.