BLUES TOUR - Ridin' the Road


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Eddie and Frank Thomas Traveled the Blues Highway for Three Years, recording its story...

BLUES TOUR - Ridin' the Road

Need a good Journey of Discovery; Want to see The Delta; Like to hear and see what Alan Lomax called 'the land where the blues began'? 

Try Ridin' the Road with Eddie and Frank. Sixty-one, 30 second clips work hand in hand with the Thomas brothers' new, 240 page memoir, 61 Down the Highway.

Choose Your Stop and Listen (below)



  1. Mississippi Blues (Memphis) 
  2.  St. Louis Blues (Memphis) 
  3. Memphis Blues (Memphis) 
  4.  Downtown Blues (Memphis) 
  5. Mississippi Bottom Blues (Peabody Hotel, Memphis)
  6.  Rocket 88 (Memphis) 
  7. Memphis Jug Blues (Memphis) 
  8.  Downhearted Blues (Orpheum Theater) 
  9. That's No Way (Central Station, Memphis) 
  10. Big Road Blues (Memphis) 
  11. When the Levee (Walls) 
  12. Kansas City (The Levee) 
  13. 61 Highway (Lake Cormorant)
  14. Shetland Pony (Clack's Store) 
  15. Future Blues (Robinsonville) 
  16. Sweet Home (Robinsonville) 
  17. Cross Road Blues 
  18. Hollywood Rag (Hollywood) 
  19. Born Blind 
  20. M & O Blues (Coahoma)
  21.  Country Blues (Stovall Farms) 
  22.  Ham Hound Crave (Mattson)
  23. Depot Blues (Mattson) 
  24. Bull Frog Blues (Dublin Break) 
  25. Poor Boy (Tutwiler, MS)
  26. Special Streamline (Swan Lake)
  27. Little Red Rooster (Swan Lake)
  28. Pea Vine Blues (Dockery Farms)
  29. Avalon Blues (the Valley Store) 
  30.  Mule Ridin' Man (Scott, MS)
  31. High Water (Mounds Landing)
  32. Catfish Blues  (Greenwood) 
  33. Yellow Dog Blues (Moorhead)
  34. Bright Lights (Dunleith) 
  35. Nelson Street (Greenville) 
  36. Vacation Blues (Hollandale) 
  37. Mean Old 'Frisco (Midnight) 
  38. Baby Please Don't Go (Rolling Fork)
  39. Kassie Jones (Vaughan) 
  40. Cypress Grove Blues (Bentonia) 
  41.  Saturday Blues (Jackson) 
  42. Sitting on Top (Jackson) 
  43. Dust My Broom (Richland) 
  44. Old Devil (Bolton) 
  45. Vicksburg Blues (Vicksburg)
  46. You Can't Judge a Book (Vicksburg) 
  47. New Someday Baby (Port Gibson) 
  48. Mississippi River Blues (Natchez) 
  49. Pres Returns (Woodville) 
  50. Juke (Marksville, Louisiana) 
  51. Midnight Special (Angola) 
  52. Jolie Blonde (Sunshine) 
  53. Buddy Bolden's Blues (New Orleans) 
  54. Bamboula (New Orleans) 
  55. Mamie's Blues (New Orleans) 
  56. Mr. Jelly Lord (New Orleans)
  57. Wolverine Blues (New Orleans) 
  58. Basin Street (New Orleans) 
  59. Hotter Than That (New Orleans) 
  60. Tomorrow Night (New Orleans) 
  61. Sweet Hour of Prayer


( If You have Spotify )

  1. Mississippi Blues  
  2.  St. Louis Blues  
  3. Memphis Blues  
  4.  Downtown Blues  
  5. Mississippi Bottom Blues  
  6.  Rocket 88  
  7. Memphis Jug Blues  
  8.  Downhearted Blues  
  9. That's No Way to Get Along  
  10. Big Road Blues  
  11. When the Levee Breaks 
  12. Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues 
  13. 61 Highway  
  14. Shetland Pony Blues 
  15. Future Blues  
  16. Sweet Home Chicago 
  17. Cross Road Blues  
  18. Hollywood Rag 
  19. Born Blind 
  20. M & O Blues 
  21. Country Blues 
  22. Ham Hound Crave 
  23. Depot Blues
  24. Bull Frog Blues 
  25. Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home 
  26. Special Streamline 
  27. Little Red Rooster 
  28. Pea Vine Blues 
  29. Avalon Blues 
  30. Mule Ridin', Talking Blues - I'm a Southern Man 
  31. High Water Everywhere 
  32. Catfish Blues 
  33. Yellow Dog Blues 
  34. Bright Lights, Big City 
  35. Nelson Street Blues 
  36. Vacation Blues 
  37. Mean Old 'Frisco Blues 
  38. Baby Please Don't Go 
  39. Kassie Jones 
  40. Cypress Grove Blues                     .
  41. Saturday Blues 
  42. Sitting on Top of the World 
  43. Dust My Broom
  44. Old Devil 
  45. Vicksburg Blues 
  46. You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover 
  47. New Someday Baby                         
  48. Mississippi River Blues                  
  49. Pres Returns 
  50. Juke 
  51. Midnight Special 
  52. Jolie Blonde 
  53. Buddy Bolden's Blues                            
  54. Bamboula 
  55. Mamie's Blues 
  56. Mr. Jelly Lord 
  57. Wolverine Blues 
  58. Basin Street Blues 
  59. Hotter Than That                                     
  60. Tomorrow Night 
  61. Sweet Hour of Prayer

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