BLUES TOUR - Ridin' the Road


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Eddie and Frank Thomas Traveled the Blues Highway for Three Years, recording its story...

Need a good Journey of Discovery; Want to see The Delta; Like to hear and see what Alan Lomax called 'the land where the blues began'? 

Try Ridin' the Road with Eddie and Frank.  Sixty-one, 30 second clips work hand in hand with the Thomas brothers' new, 240 page memoir, 61 Down the Highway.

61. Sweet Hour of Prayer (New Orleans)

For the last recording of this Angel on the Backroads Blues Tour that had taken Eddie and Frank three years to complete, they were joining by Liane Hansen and her crew from National Public Radio. With reverence and equipment, they all climbed the winding staircase up to the choir loft inside the St. Louis Cathedral. To honor the soul of this music, Eddie did a guitar instrumental version of the great hymn, Sweet Hour of Prayer. The massive interior of the great church lifted it. Perhaps it is still ringing somewhere.

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