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(release date April 11, 2011)

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Maggie's House

a New Music CD release by

Eddie and Frank Thomas


Misty Owl Music MOM CD 1514

ISBN 1-885154-06-2  *  UPC 0700261315140

Misty Owl Music, Div. of Thomasfilms, Inc.

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"Maggie’s House is a real place in an imaginary sort of way...” The title song for this new CD release from Eddie and Frank Thomas speaks to the romp of youth and breaks ground for the rich series of songs that follow.  Eddie, the singer-songwriter for all of Maggie’s House, pours out heartfelt memories as one of the oldest baby boomers looking at the world with the thirsty eyes of a never aging child within.  His brother, Frank, the recording sound engineer and producer, continues to capture honest recordings as he did for the brothers’ collaborative 4 CD Angels on the Backroads tour of the blues that was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday with Liane Hansen.  This time the music is far more personal, voiced from the brothers’ Mississippi home.

Their new album is a musical journal in which Eddie Thomas returns to his folk-style roots to chronicle early impressions of growing up in the northeastern corner of Mississippi where it joins with Tennessee and Alabama in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The Thomas brothers strive to keep their music acoustic, using voice and guitar with an occasional salt and pepper of vocal harmonies, trumpets they’ve owned since high school, harmonicas, a bass and drums.  The songs themselves have been written over the span of the past 35 years, with most of them being recorded here for the first time.  

While these songs contain many references that may seem foreign to younger listeners, their truth and range of emotion are inescapable, and their stories connect the generations.  In Maggie’s House you will find: love songs written from when hearts were young, dance tunes written for legs that did the locomotion and hands that did the jive, memories of a kitchen lit by a young family’s love and a bare 40 watt light bulb hanging from the ceiling, and there is a bounty of youthful energy that wants little more than to drive that train. The memories may be unique, but the emotions are universal. Listeners who at first find themselves afraid to admit they are old enough to understand the lyrics, soon find themselves proud to let folks know that this is who they are.

Mindful of the social singularity that has shadowed their baby boom generation and of the rich storytelling and music traditions of their home state of Mississippi, Eddie and Frank Thomas invite listeners to experience a sampling of their time and place growing up in the rural America South. The world is in a rapid state of change, and right now writing and reviewing music that shares stories that help connect us may well be the engine that determines humankind's fitness for the future.  As one of the world’s minor poets has often said, “Reach for the stars, but don’t forget to watch your step.”

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Maggie’s House goes on sale April 11, 2011.  Album release party scheduled for Monday April 11 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the brothers’ hometown library, 204 N. Main Street, Iuka, Mississippi.  This will be the Iuka Public Library’s lead-off day event for National Library week which this year, fittingly enough, has the theme - Create your own story @ your library.  

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For promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Eddie or Frank Thomas by Phone: (662) 423-3333 or Email

For Iuka Public Library times and schedule Phone: (662) 423-6300

Misty Owl Music is a Division of Thomasfilms, Inc.

( Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama )


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