From the recording Maggie's House

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In Perfumed Air 3:33
© 2010 James E. Thomas, Jr.
Misty Owl Music (ASCAP)

All around the campfire, faces all aglow,
Telling ghost stories, hot night in June,
Lie back and look at the moon.
This hot June night is over soon.

Battery’s low in the transistor radio.
We dream about tomorrow.
The Beatles sing of yesterday.
Marshmellows hanging on a wire...
Everybody laughs watching the fire.

Driving home after midnight. Dashboard’s all aglow.
Rolling down the window,
A honeysuckle choir is heard.
Got your head on my shoulder. Delco radio...
You close your eyes and speak to me,
But you never say a word.

Porch light’s on, walk you to the door.
Sandman’s calling, gotta go.
You kiss me goodnight. I linger there...
In the perfumed air
Headlight beams shining on the pavement,
V8’s running real smooth.
The rearview mirror keeps calling me.
Porch light is fading.
This hot June night is over soon.