From the recording Maggie's House

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Drive This Train 3:09
© 2008 James E. Thomas, Jr.
Misty Owl Music (ASCAP)

I got a whistle…got a bell...
Got my drivers spinin' on the rails...
Boiler's stoked up for the long haul;
I got a picture of Casey Jones hanging on the wall,
And that ain't all.
I'm a Midnight Special modern day Cannonball.

Don't PUT me on a highway driving fast.
DON'T want anybody ever trying to pass.
DON'T want to change a tire, stop for gas,
All I want to do is drive this train.

I pulled the whistle cord it red, white and blew.
John Phillip sue me if you really want to,
But don't you EVER try to give me a boat.
Give me something heavy ain't never gonna float,
And that ain't no joke.
I'm a rocket on a rail in a cast iron overcoat

Standing on the tracks you're tempting fate.
That ain't no place to meditate.
Check the time and get it straight,
'Cause if you see me coming, boy, it's way too late.

I'm headed on down to New Orleans,
Puffin' great big clouds of self esteem.
‘Cross the Tallahatchie and the Yazoo,
Flashin' my lights, I'm coming on through.
Left at 1:45…be there at a quarter till two.
Stopping in Memphis we gonna pick up you.

‘Round the curve…coming into town...
Pull it on back now, you gotta slow down...
People on the platform standing around...
In fifteen minutes,
We're all gonna be...SOUTHBOUND.
This train…gonna be…SOUTHBOUND.