1. Marie

From the recording Maggie's House

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Marie 3:07
© 2010 James E. Thomas, Jr.
Misty Owl Music (ASCAP)

My heart fell away right from the start,
The very first time I danced with you in the dark.
For all those times I sat and wondered why,
Now I know the reason...

It's Marie.... Heaven sent an angel down to me.
We walked across the floor.
You held your hand in mine.
Now there is a reason to be.

It's not the ocean breeze that whispers in the night,
And softly blows away candlelight.
It's not blue skies that wake me in the morning,
It's the blue eyes of my...

Marie... Who danced one night in the dark with me.
The band began to play. I held you in my arms,
And my heart fell away right from the start.