1. You and Me

From the recording Maggie's House

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You and Me 3:18
© 2010 James E. Thomas, Jr.
Misty Owl Music (ASCAP)

My life began with you,
Starting all over with dreams that will come true.
With you I've found the gold at the end of my rainbow.
I want the world to know, I love you so.

Rainy skies are blue when I'm with you.
You're the sunshine falling softly on morning dew.
You're the melody forgotten so long,
Coming back in a brand new song.
A tale told long ago, comes true with you.

You make me feel like running in a field of clover.
Wind in your hair you're covered with lace,
Sunshine on your pretty face.
Can't you see you're part of me?
You have set me free.

Like wind in the sails you're there behind me,
To steer me clear of stormy sea.
Freedom bound we sail away,
Just you and me……. You and me.